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Structural Inspections and Reports
Structural Inspections and Reports

From foundation movement to roof spread, lintel failure to wall tie corrosion, our Chartered Structural Engineers are happy to inspect a property for any structural defect and prepare a written report on their findings. We understand that many of our customers are not building professionals and our reports are written in plain and simple language to reflect this.

To ensure our Customers receive exactly the service they require, we offer two basic types of structural report:

Specific Structural Inspection and Report

A specific structural inspection and report is a visual inspection of a particular problem that may have been identified by a Chartered Surveyor, Building Contractor or a concerned property owner. Usually, only the parts of the property related to the defect are inspected in detail and the report focuses on such.

The accompanying report details observations and discusses the defect and its cause, and suggests remedial work to rectify the problem. We will provide a guide, budget cost for any repairs if requested. In some cases, further investigations may be required and this would be discussed within the report.

General Structural Inspection and Report

A general structural inspection and report is a top down visual inspection of all accessible areas of a property, not just of a specific defect. The Structural Engineer will inspect the visible areas of the building’s structure for defects including, but not limited to, the roof, walls, floors, supporting beams and lintels. An appraisal of the external areas may also be made and any potential problems with the drainage or trees that may affect the building’s foundations will be discussed in the report.

As with the specific structural report, the Structural Engineer will discuss any problems that exist, what needs to be done to rectify them and how much the works are likely to cost.